The walker should be aware that the Way passes through a living, working landscape which should be respected. Because of this, absolutely no dogs are allowed through farmland on the Way. You should also be aware that you may encounter electric fences; these are usually marked, but may appear temporarily in places.
You should be prepared for several hours out in the elements, so wear or carry warm clothes including a hat and gloves. Water/windproof jacket, over-trousers and sturdy waterproof boots are essential as the Way often journeys through terrain which can be wet and uneven underfoot.

For a safe walk, please observe the following guidelines:


* Respect farmland and the rural   environment.
* Always use gates and stiles and avoid damage to walls, fences etc.
* Leave all farm gates as you find them.
* Take care on country roads.
* If following a recognised walking route, keep to the Waymarked trail.
* Guard against all risks of fire, especially near forests.
* Always keep children under close control and supervision.
* Do not enter farmland if you have dogs with you.
* Take all your litter home.
* Protect wildlife, plants and trees.
* Do not block farm entrances when parking.

Happy Walking!